My 3 part 2023 plan of attack

Happy new year! Well almost..

In 2023 I’ve got three things I’m planning to focus on. Healthy, wealthy and wise? Well kind of – more healthy, wealthy and more read across the year..

(The link on Gary Vee’s name below is an Amazon affiliate one. Clicking it and buying anything from the site may just help fund my Lexus addiction through commissions and/or introduce you to Gary’s work. Depending on your tollerance level, you can thank me/curse me later.)

I tried resolutions..

Haven’t we all? Those quiet promises you make yourself with just a couple of hours to spare before the latest year ends and the new one begins, usually with a belly full of booze too. And credit where credit is due, my resolution to not eat junk food for an entire year lasted a solid month before I fell into temptation and a KFC tower burger in that order.

God it was tasty.

Since then I’ve decided that ‘plans’ are a much better name for the big decisions across the year, given that you feel less of a let down if plans change than if you stuff up a resolution. Break a resolution? Well that’s it then isn’t it? You’ve ruined the year, game over, come back next year then. Plan didn’t go well this month though? That’s fine, plenty more months on the calendar where that one came from.

And so with that in mind, here are the three plans I want to nail harder than Noah with a hammer and ark blueprints with floods impending.

2023 Plan of attack 1: Exercise more

A very vague title right there I know because right now you’re more than likely asking ‘More than what exactly?’

And my answer is ‘More than I did in 2022’.

Yes there’s no weight target, no ideal number of cm off my stomach (although abs would be nice in the process) and I’m not getting set for a body-building competition anytime soon. My simple goal for 2023 in the fitness part of this action plan trio is to rack up more points in the Fitocracy* app than I did this year.

Which was (quick look up on how I went for the year):

92 workouts across the year which was everything from bodyweight exercises, time on the bench press, walking, barbell, dumbell and kettlebell exercises out in the back rotunda.

77803 combined points at the end. (Avg 837 points per workout)

For me 600+ points in a session on the Fitocracy app is a good workout, anything 1000+ is a better one (and I will feel far sorer the next day). So now the target for 2023 is more than 78000 (and if we can cross 100000 points in a year, we’ll consider that an excellent result!)

2023 plan - lift more!
From 2021 when I first nailed a 100kg deadlift. Proud dadbod moment.

Better start swinging that kettlebell then!

(A shout out to entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vee aka Gary Vaynerchuk who once mentioned that he doesn’t feel better after exercise at all and doesn’t feel blessed with energy after a workout. We’re in the same boat there Gaz, I feel drained after exercise and seem to sleep worse after a big session. Don’t get me started on how flat I feel the next day…but it must be doing something good yeah?)

2023 Plan of attack 2: Double the savings, dent the debt

One goes up, the other I want to drop down significantly (and definitely not the other way around!)

At the time of writing across all my savings and investment accounts, I have the grand total of just over 2k (which obviously fluctuates daily, no thanks to you and your randomness crypto). Not much but life’s been random and expensive so it’s a start. So in 2023 I’m aiming for $4k working hard in the background and anymore than that will be considered a great bonus.

On the other side there’s 14.5k of debt hanging around like a bad smell (and it’s been doing that for quite some time now) and it needs to be cut down as soon as possible (and I’ll sleep better too when it goes down I’m betting..) Obviously I’d love to wipe that out asap but if we can cut out a decent wedge of it this year, that’d be a productive year.

That of course is in the middle of everything going up including my rent for 2023 and the need to buy a newer car, preferably before my 2005 Impreza craps itself permanently. A far more reliable Lexus Rx350 is looking good at this stage..

Nothing like a challenge hey?

2023 Plan of attack 3: Write more books

On my best year (2020), I wrote three books (and managed to release the third one right on the very last day of the year). My worst since starting writing was this year, managing to only release one. In my defense I did start a few that didn’t really last longer than a couple of chapters..

2023 plan - write more!
Out now and big in Japan! (Allegedly)

So weighing up the good and bad, writing and releasing two books in a single year I’d consider would be a very good year. And now that I’ve put in a weekly reminder to mash fingers to keyboard, (as well as having a bit of time off at the moment) I really don’t have any excuse now do I?

So lift more, save more, spend less and spend more time putting words to documents than surfing the net aimlessly.

Oh and I want to try and make some mead in the new year too…that will be interesting!

So that’s my 3 prong (and the mead bit) plan for next year, what about you? If you’ve worked out what’s on your new year hit list, let me know below!

*If you love gamification workouts, definitely give Fitocracy a try. I’ve been using it for years!

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