Cheap wargame terrain – show us your cans!

I’ve got the 3d printer, I’ve got a tonne of models already printed, I’ve printed some gear from One Page Rules. All that’s missing is some cheap wargame terrain to pop onto the battlefield.

Enter the printer again and a couple of aluminium cans fresh from the recycling bin.

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Now with added ‘On YouTube’ flavour!

No, I’m not about to up ship and transform this blog into a YouTube channel…but I did think it was high time it had it’s own YouTube channel..

So bada bing, bada boom, here we are. One Man Many Plans is now also on YouTube!
And I’d love your help in turning it into a raging success or at least getting this latest plan off the ground…

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Back to the RPG sourcebook

RPG sourcebook

While killing time waiting for Jackson to finish school, I stumbled across an RPG sourcebook just sitting there waiting to be scanned and borrowed. And suddenly I was 14 years old again with a big pile of the things, a bunch of random die and scribbled stats covering every bit of scrap paper around my bedroom.

Ahh good times. If only I could have borrowed these things instead of having to buy them back then..

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Al’s ongoing list of saving money in 2024

Saving money in 2024

I bought close to $30 in groceries this morning and paid for the lot only using silver coins, with nothing bigger than a 20 cent piece. Seriously, I reckon I was there for a good ten minutes amusing the young worker who keeps an eye on the self serve machines at Woolworths, feeding coin after coin into the coin slot and occasionally re-feeding coins it spat out into the refund tray. I walked in with heavy bags of coins freshly salvaged from my piggy bank and walked out with some dinners for the next couple of days, feeling so much lighter after letting loose with the spare change shrapnel.

And I have the feeling I’m probably not the only one scraping together the silver to pay for groceries this year. Times are tough and prices are ridiculous so welcome to Al’s ongoing list of saving money in 2024..

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Supercoach 2024 – a new season rolls on!

Supercoach 2024

Yes faster than you can say ‘I say good sir, is it Supercoach 2024 time already what?’, it’s suddenly Supercoach 2024 time again. Time to hastily throw together an AFL team on draft day and hope they a) do something remarkable and b) Don’t break themselves in the process.

My experiences of the last couple of seasons have been mixed at best. But this year is my year, I can feel it right down to my coaches box!

Wait, that didn’t sound good did it?

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