Crickets in Albury – fill a bag for free!

No no, not cricket in Albury, there’s plenty of that already (and usually a game on at the local oval when I take the dog down there.) No I’m talking crickets in Albury aka the 2024 locust plague revisited. Only with crickets instead of locusts, obviously.

Man are these things everywhere. Including on me on one occasion..

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Facebook Marketplace – go cheap for endless questions

So I cleaned out the shed recently and unearthed a few bits and pieces that were just taking up shelf real estate. And rather than turf them in the bin and create even more landfill, I popped them up on Facebook Marketplace to flog them off for less than the average cost of a pretty average bottle of beer.

The problem I’ve found though is that the cheaper I’ve gone, the more questions that come my way and the less people actually buy it, even though it’s dirt cheap. Like the price you dictate is somehow correlated to the level of time wasting questions.

Einstein had the theory of relativity. Newton discovered Gravity. Now, today, I bid you welcome welcome to my revelation, the law of Facebook Marketplace pricing…

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Blogging – why you shouldn’t give the blog a complete overhaul all in one go

Today’s post on blogging could also be called ‘The recent time I made some big changes to the place and ending up both locking it down and filling it up with pages about BBQs, all in Latin.’

And it’s a true story too. This is why you should go slow and not try and reinvent the blogging wheel all in one go.

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3 of the most magical Motorsport moments

With the awesome Drive to Survive returning to Netflix on February 23, today we’re celebrating with magical Motorsport moments. Three in fact – the best come back from behind story, one that will make you cry in joy and a moment in JDM history that proves if you’re the best of what you do, you too can drive a brand new super car just in a pair of socks and casual loafers..

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Powerball at 150M – better break out those lucky numbers.

For the record, I’ve never won big at Powerball and neither has anybody I know. We’ve never been invited around for a lavish BBQ in a house won by Powerball (or won by anything really) nor have I come to work and found a co-workers banged up Toyota Corolla has suddenly been replaced by a Bugatti Veyron in Italian Red in the staff carpark.

Still, I will be buying a ticket in this week’s 150 million dollar draw…along with just about half the country it seems.

Quick edit: It didn’t go off. Nobody won the 150m Powerball and at the time of writing it’s hit record highs of $200 million aussie dolleredoos.

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More emails to the Awesome Wrestling Federation writing team


Hello writers, movers and shakers of Awesome Wrestling Federation – it’s me again, your humble CEO Almigo and welcome to our latest dilemma. We’re four weeks away from our yearly wrestling super card Capital Carnage Catastrophe 2024 and every plan we had has gone by the wayside.

Actually truth be told, long term writer and booker ‘Slop Bucket’ Dan Higgens who had been tasked to plan everything has fallen by the wayside. And when I say wayside, I actually mean ravine. Yes alcohol was involved, copious amounts of the most cheap and nasty stuff he could make in his own bathroom. And of course he didn’t write any of his plans down, why should we be so lucky?

So against my better judgement, I am bringing back the suggestion box. This time around I’m hoping we get some credible suggestions to fill our 12 match slots and far less idiotic ideas and death threats. If you have any (good) ideas, please pop them in there so we can try and salvage something here..

Yours, the ever hopeful:


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