Old World – meet backstabbing brother Blowhard

Old World

I’d forgotten just how entertaining Old World for PC truly is, especially when you get down to the real nitty gritty and power plays of ancient times. Like diplomacy, working out who you want to marry and more importantly blatantly abusing your powers as boss of everything to be ridiculously petty, like change everybody else’s names when they least expect it..

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Becoming one with work’s coffee machine

working out a coffee machine

So as part of the latest office renovations, my work now has a brand new coffee machine. And while originally I looked at it and thought ‘Looks nice but meh, it’s not for me’ each day I’m realising how timely and actually useful this thing truly is.

Especially since I had to guess how it worked initially..

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Welcome to the Ultimate Royal Rumble 2152!


In the history of the grappling game, there have been good Royal Rumbles and bad ones. But what about The Ultimate Royal Rumble where technology and historical sweat and spandex combine? Join us as we leap forward into the future to cheer on heroes and villains long past, again…

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Rimworld – a refugee burnt the town down


So I’ve been getting back into Rimworld recently, forgetting how much of an enjoyable time sink it can be to manage a rag tag bunch of ship survivors and try to forge a living in an unforgiving landscape. I’d also forgotten how randomly insane moments in Rimworld can truly be, moments that have made me go ‘Well this colony is doomed, time to roll up a new one..’

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October 2023 – Car selling for no fun or profit

October 2023 was best described as interesting. I survived Halloween, found a new and exciting way to make my muscles complain and finally after months of angst, idiots and everything in between, I finally sold my old car while simultaneously enjoying the new one.

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An open letter to all streaming services

streaming services

Dear streaming services of the world. First let it be known that I love what you do. Content on demand, gripping series and the occasional deep thought documentary? Sign me up baby! No I’m writing to you all today with a simple suggestion that I feel will improve what you do to no end, something I’m sure I’m not the only stream consumer that will benefit from..

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The times have changed (and it’s a good thing.)

Good thing

I was originally going to call this post ‘the age of convenience’ but since there was still a little work involved on my part, it got changed in the edit. So welcome to a couple of things I’ve noticed where the changes have definitely been a good thing.
World/society/whatever – more of these good things please.

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